The greatest Casino scam: Roselli brothers Roulette-Bet

The Roselli brothers where gangsters from New Jersey. Each time they pulled this trick they elected to change their city while in tow, some of the cities they visited where Atlantic City, Las Vegas and even Puerto Rico. Each weekend they would go to a new city and a new casino, always with the same confidence and “professionalism“. It began The Roselli Brothers are amongst the most sophisticated casino scammers in history, and at their peak took just shy of $40 million from casinos across the US – without losing a penny of their own money. The scam relied on the Roselli Brothers forging the identities of unsuspecting victims to build up credit terms with the casinos they targeted. The Rosselli Brothers Scam The Rosselli Brothers Scam. It is thought these 2 brothers from Rome, Italy stole $37 (£28) Million from Casinos all over the world. Basically, they used the internet for bad and stole peoples credit cards numbers, made their own cards are used them in casinos all over the world. But that is not all they did. They also applied for credit in all those casinos and ran Roselli Brothers: With the help of a computer hacker, Roselli Brothers pulled out data of people having excellent credit ratings. Roselli Brothers then opened accounts on these people’s names and deposit their own money on these accounts to receive the credit lines. For the long five years, Roselli Brothers were able to continue with their scam, and by the time law was able to find their The Roselli Brothers made around $37 million at various casinos without losing any of their own money. They hired a hacker to hack into credit systems and get data from people with excellent credit ratings. They then opened accounts in their names and deposited $50 000 after which they received a line of credit with major casinos. The scam went on for about five years because of offset betting Chinese Pair Guilty of Roselli Brothers Type Casino Credit Scam on Baccarat Tables! Oleh . Unknown. Thursday, November 29, 2012 Bagikan : Tweet. I don't know if this Chinese duo read about the infamous Roselli Casino Credit Scam on my Scam of the Month Page (scroll down to it), but if they did, they should've probably picked up a copy of my book "The World's Greatest Gambling Scams," where the

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